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New Beaver`s Paradise in Spessart

Biber mit Weide
Foto: Dietmar Nill

For a long time, people thought the beaver to be extinct. But then, the animals got a second chance to survive: 18 beavers were settled in the area. Through this, they started to expand and grow to about 200. It´s not alot, but that is about to change.

Naturefund´s new beaver project

Naturefund is working together with the Hessische Gesellschaft für Ornithologie Main-Kinzig to buy up 8.000 mof the land where the beavers have successfully spread out.

The region in east Hessen Steiersbach, is 7 years now part of the beaver territory. It is also part of the FFH area "Hemmersbach, Bergwiesen bei Ziegelhütte". 500 meters further starts the " Biberlebensraum Hessischer Spessart". It would be a great success for environmentalists to attache the two regions.

The new region is an ideal place for rodents like the beaver that need a peaceful habitat. Somewhere where they don´t get disturbed by humans.

Beavers start new biotopes

It`s a blessing for nature, that beavers build new biotopes. Anywhere where the beaver starts building his nest, new life begins to blossom, new life that has disappeared in many places where man has lived. The beaver renaturalized streams and rivers. Something that would cost humans alot of money, he does for free.

But citizens who live near the animal don´t really enjoy it, when suddenly their house is under water. So to calm the situation, there needs to be a place for the beaver to live in safety.

Where are the beaver fans?

Naturefund hopes to find many beaver fans, that would like to participate in this project. You can buy for 5 € a total of 3 m2.With that money, you don´t only save the habitat of the beaver, but also protect it for many other creatures like the blindworm, grass snake, fire salamander, pond frog, snipe, partridge, quail, kingfischer, white stork, and many different kinds of butterflies.

Join us and help us to buy more land for nature!

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